try it first

At Lou Robin Art Gallery, we want to make the process of purchasing a work of art as easy as possible. "Try It First" is our new virtual hanging service. This service allows you to see in a photomontage the work of your choice in your decor.

  1. Take a picture of the location*

  2. Send us the photo of your location and the name of the artwork of your choice by email

  3. Receive by email a photomontage within the next days**

* For the most realistic result, please follow these tips:

  • You must face the location (a side or angle photo will make the photomontage difficult and unrealistic).

  • No object (furniture, lighting or other) should be on the wall or in front of where you want to see the artwork.

  • The room must be well lit.

  • If possible, include furniture or give us an idea of the dimensions of the location (to be as realistic as possible, we must have an idea of the proportions).

** The photomontage will be returned by email within three to five business days.

Sometimes we use these photomontages for our website and our social networks. We always ask permission before.

Here is a good example of a photomontage made for a client of the gallery. Do not hesitate to ask for yours.