Welcome to the Lou Robin Art Gallery. As artists and art gallery owners, we bring over 20 years of expertise and a unique perspective to the artistic landscape. Our online gallery is the natural extension of our passion for contemporary art and self-expression. We curate and sell original artwork from today’s most talented and accomplished artists. Respect is at the heart of everything we do. Respect for you, the buyer, and respect for the artists and their work. We partner with the best in the industry to ensure that every stage of the art buying experience—from packing and transport to the completion of specialized documentation—is executed with the highest standards of quality.

Our office is close to Montreal, Canada but we are not open to the public. On the other hand, we regularly open L.R.A.G. POP-UP in major cities like Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa and Toronto. Follow us on Facebook to know the locations and opening dates. Come visit us, our L.R.A.G. POP-UP are always inspiring events.

The Lou Robin Art Gallery Team